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Putting Hanif’s Honey Bee aside because it is in a class of its own, someone please help me understand the “things” that all these murals are supposed to be saying. When I read the literature provided on the City’s website, it says clearly that they were looking for artists that had 1- A large following, and 2- Have something to say.  This was actually one of their main reasons for not putting much effort into using local artists. Their lack of experience in expressing themselves in this medium was sited. Now that they are all done, I am at a total loss of what these murals are saying.

I see lots of really refined and perfected technics with aerosol paint. Lots of talents. Lots of energy. It was nice to have young artist in our little town. But this was organized by Sand City Art Committee who’s only reason to exist is to serve the Sand City Artistic Community, and paid for by Sand City’s tax money. We were told that this was money well spent, because we will be left with murals that had something to say. They were not fine art murals. They were murals with a message. 

I am not able to see the message in a 1200 Sq ft Jimmy Hendrix mural during the Black Lives Matter movement. Why not George Floyd? What is the message? Why not Dr. King? John Coltrane? James Baldwin? John Robert Lewis? Nat King Cole? Miles Davis? Maya Angelou? Ella Fitzgerald? Why Jimmy Hendrix? Is he less threatening because his name being synonymous with the way he died? Is that the message? I am not even sure if Jimmy himself would have approved of it at this time, what do you think?

They tell me that the one cross the street is Anime. Then they are the ladies by the Pyramids and the ones on Redwood & Contra Costa go from Cats to South American color composition, then turns into colorful doodles by very skilled Graffiti Artists with Sand City written in different type faces, but I fail to see their message, the “things” they had to say. So please put in your comments about what these murals are saying to you. We all agree on the quality of the craft, so let us talk about what they say.

In an article about the murals it was said that it cost the city slightly north of $60k, but it’s the SCPD that is going to bankrupt the City. Vote for change.