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After all is said and done, now that it comes down to actually casting your votes there are a couple things to consider.

A vote to keep the council the same as it is, or even just voting one person out, is actually a vote to close down the SCPD. They tried last time and failed, but they have not given up as I read their comments on my blogs. They see this election as the citizens giving them the approval to close the SCPD. Not a single thing they say about the SCPD is based on knowledge, but they just want to shut it down. So if you cherish the idea of community policing, if you value the idea of cooperation between the City Council and the SCPD, then your choice is clear. After interviewing all candidates, The Sand City Police Officers Association, made this choice very clear to all of us. The Police Officers Association is telling us that a very effective and very well managed police department is going to be destroyed because of the whim of a very few. I can personally guarantee that, within six months of Don and I getting elected, I will demonstrate to every citizen, why we have a great police department and why we should cherish it.

A vote to keep things the same, is also telling our government that it is Okay for them to keep telling us Sweet Elena and Fisk Paint are in Seaside and we should not do anything about fixing the potholes in front of their businesses or help other businesses prosper for that matter. We even heard them, a few nights ago, repeating their favorite phrase “ You can’t please everyone.” No wonder businesses support Don and I. Our Council does not see itself in the service of the City. They act like a boss but we are looking for partners.

A vote to keep things the same, is also telling them that we have no problem spending over $80,000 or even more, on artistic activities with only 8% participation from Sand City. The Council is of out of touch with community at large, it is not just the Artistic Community, they are out of touch with Sand City.

They are asking for your vote by trying to scare you of a future without them, because they can not point to something they did, for the past ten years, that made Sand City better. Do not vote for the ones who are trying to scare you. Vote for the ones who are inspired by you. Welcome a breath of fresh air with your vote.