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The former mayor of Sand City, Mr. Pendergrass was a graphic artist and together with Craig Hubler, a Sand City Artist and a former council member’s father, they created the Sand City Art Committee when Kelly was the City Manager.

This committee was created to bring Sand City Artists together to create events that will promote Sand City’s Artistic Community. The government not being a good partner with art and artist, in present time, the committee is only attracting one or two of the 2-3 dozen Sand City Artists.

As a result a new nonprofit organization was born that is created by the artists and will be run by them and for them. Sand City Art Foundation.

If elected, I will look for like minded council members to help me close the art committee and get the government out of policing the art and artists, and leave the art and culture to the Artists themselves. A city administration is, first and and foremost, in charge of spending the tax payers money on fixing the roads, taking care of local businesses and keep our city safe. Every minute and dollar the administration is spending on hiring people from other states to come help us paint our walls, is a minute and dollar that was not spend on taking care of the city.

In present time, in the middle of this pandemic and these devastating fires, our city council is in process of spending thousands of dollars of our tax money on a mural festival that may involve only one Sand City Artist.

If  this doesn’t make sense to you, please write or call the Mayor or any council member you can get a hold of and tell them this doesn’t make sense.