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As I’m talking to Residents, Proprietors, Businesses and Artists, I learn more about what everyone is looking for.

The Residents want a City Government that is concerned about what concerns them. Residents are telling me that when they voice a grievance with a Council Member, they are often told to go to the next Council Meeting and voice their opinion. But wait, the Residents tell me, I voted for them. They are sitting there to represent me, so why do they keep asking me to go represent myself? So the Residents long for true representation. 

The Proprietors want a City Government that is fully functioning and efficient. A healthy government that helps them prosper in a safe city. A government who understands that an unsafe city is not good for anyone. 

The businesses want a City Government that is fully staffed and knows them and understands how a business operates and looks to enhance conditions that helps them in conducting their business. A government that is ran like they run their businesses. They do not want a government that spends money, willy-nilly on absurd projects, but doesn’t fix the street where their customers need to park their cars.

The Artists long for a City Government that understand The Artistic Community is a big part of Sand City’s history. A City Government that looks to cherish this community rather than turn its back on it every time it thinks of dedicating founds to artistic and cultural activities. The artists want a government that will attract the artists rather than repel them.

If you think people on the City Council should represent us at every single Council Meeting. If you think a Council Member should be concerned when he/she sees the condition of the street in front of our landmark cafe/bakery, this November is the time to take the first step toward putting people on the City Council who actually care about these little things.