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Love Sand City

Hello, Welcome to LoveSandCity. My name is Kayhan and I created this site because I love Sand City.  I would like to keep everyone, who is interested, informed of what is going on at the City Administration and City Council. Most of these things are made to sound boring, but decisions are made everyday based on those “boring things” that affects our City’s character at its very core.

So this is a space where I can paint an accurate picture of what is going on at the City Government level by reading the minutes of the meetings, asking questions and writing everything down for all to see.

I invite all Sand City residents, proprietors, businesses and artists to please participate by subscribing and commenting with your observations.

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It Is All A Question Of Priorities

Got a text message from a friend to go look at Elena’s Café. Much to my delight, and Elena’s I am sure, they were fixing the potholes in front of her Café.  Yes it is all a question of priorities. When someone stands up and says, we need to change our priorities, we...

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Love of Power or Power of Love

Don DiFede, who is also running for City Council in November, is a wise man with an awesome radio voice and a great sense of humor. A Course In Miracles states two basic reasons why we do the things we do in life, out of fear or out of love. Because of “Love of Power”...

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Common Sense

To quote Ara, a great neighbor I recently met, “Common sense is not that common.” I was thinking of him and what he said, when I got a copy of the  proposed budget for the Art Committee’s Mural Festival. North of $82,000. Don’t take my word for it, ask them yourself....

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About Kayhan

Education French Language & Civilization, Sorbonne University. Ecole Supérieur d’Études Cinematographique. San Francisco Art Institute. Work 3 years war reporter/documentarian. 34 years of people management in corporate and small business operations. Food &...

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An Open Letter to the City Council

A friend says I told you so. An enemy says I was going to tell you.         — Persian Proverb.   During these times of pandemic and several wildfires that are profoundly affecting everyone around us, our administration is hard at work spending thousands of...

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The Arts

The former mayor of Sand City, Mr. Pendergrass was a graphic artist and together with Craig Hubler, a Sand City Artist and a former council member’s father, they created the Sand City Art Committee when Kelly was the City Manager. This committee was created to bring...

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Residents long for true representation

As I’m talking to Residents, Proprietors, Businesses and Artists, I learn more about what everyone is looking for. The Residents want a City Government that is concerned about what concerns them. Residents are telling me that when they voice a grievance with a Council...

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Nobody is Listening

Since I decided to put my hat I the ring and run for City Council I have been sitting down with Sand City residents and asking them how they see the City Government. The most common words I hear is: nobody is listening.

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About Kayhan Ghodsi

I have lived all over the world and I choose to call Sand City my home. It is a special place, an oasis, a real community. That is why I believe we, the people of Sand City, deserve a City Council that will preserve and protect all that we have. I believe in commerce and creativity. I have supervised businesses with over a hundred employees and millions in annual revenue. I know how to balance a budget and use common sense to identify and resolve the problems that arise within large organizations. I also know that Sand City should continue to promote the arts. I studied film in Paris and San Francisco. I created the 2016 “Portrait of an Artist” exhibit, bringing more than two dozen Sand City artists together for the first time ever. I fostered the creation of a striking new mural at Hickory & Ortiz by one of Sand City’s own prominent painters. And there is so much more that can be done. Yet I also know that security is precious to us all and – unlike some current members of the City Council – I believe we cannot abandon our dedicated police officers. They are an essential part of our community. Sand City prospers because it is protected. That is why I have actively mobilized support for our police force. I am Kayhan Ghodsi and I am proud to call Sand City my home.

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