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The best way to predict the future is to chose it.
Abraham Lincoln

Despite some neighbors astonishment and expressions of concern about the partisan set up and very controlled and limited questions, I believe, the Meet The Candidates, was a great event and gave everyone a limited but clear image of what different candidates were all about.

Effectively, the choice is clear. 

There were two candidates who were telling us four more years of them on the council will make Sand City a better place, but were not able to demonstrate a track record that supports that claim.

 And then, two other candidates who were making the point that the shear fact that they are running demonstrates a desire in our community for a shift, because nothing has really changed in the last ten years.

The structure of our elections here in Sand City has been set up so every two years the Mayor and two of the Council Members are up for reelection. So it gives the voters an opportunity to change the majority of the five member council, every two years, if they so desire. A great system. However, in this election Sand City has already decided that the Mayor will stay in office. So now if Don and I get elected only a minority of 2 out of 5 will change. This is not a drastic change. This is a gentle shift of energy. A shift of energy from fear to love. From exclusion to inclusion. From saying “we can do it together” as an order, to “let us do it together” as an invitation.

Yes the event last night demonstrated that the choice for the next four years is very clear. Four more years of saying Sweet Elena is in Seaside? Or two new voices and two very capable and very sincere Sand City residents?