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Don DiFede, who is also running for City Council in November, is a wise man with an awesome radio voice and a great sense of humor. A Course In Miracles states two basic reasons why we do the things we do in life, out of fear or out of love. Because of “Love of Power” or “Power of Love”. I have no doubt that Don would agree with me when I say we are not running because of the first one. 

I personally love the way the garbage truck wakes everyone up at 5:30am every Tuesday. I love to watch Krimp sit on the sidewalk and paint her heart out. I love to watch Darren invent a new flying machine every week. I love to watch Barney cut and weld and invent things with the power of an imagination that has no limits. I love to read Logan’s poetry talking about what he sees in his lens, in black and white. I love the smell of Fred and Lori’s shop. I love to look at them standing in front of their artwork. I love to wait and see what Manny will shoot next. I love to pass by Holly and Ashlee Temple’s studio and know that they are still here in Sand City. I love to listen to Jay Cook when he talks about old days and his art collection while I am looking at his paintings. I love it when Eleen Auvil gives me her gift to Sand City. I loved it when I could watch Craig build his version of poetry out of stone and metal across the street. I loved it when Mayor Pendergrass came to the Portrait of an Artist show, gave me a little Sand City pin, shook my hand and said, thank you. I love it when I hear the plumbers park their trucks every week day under my bedroom window. I love looking at Suzann St.John’s absolutely prolific paintings, prints and studies in form and color. I love to stand in Robin’s darkroom while she is working her poetry with chemicals and photo paper. I love to watch Jean Luc covered in fine white dust carving chains out of limestone. I love French poetry. From the first baker who comes to start the dough at Elena’s in the middle of the night to the city employee who comes to work to make the wheels turn in the bureaucracy, to the police officer who leaves his/her family to come make sure ours is safe, to the homeless people living in the dunes, we all need to be understood and understanding is not possible without loving first. Let us learn to love. Let us learn to bring that love into our daily decisions and actions. Let us make room for love. I might even have to learn to love Libby yelling at me for no reason. 

Please vote for Don and Kayhan.