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Regardless of how it came to be, and the short comings in planning and management that illustrates a total void in the communication space between the Artists and the City’s Art Committee, the Mural Festival-as it’s called- is leaving us here in Sand City with a few enormous pieces of art. Some say, commercial art, maybe yes, but nevertheless artwork.

Art is not here to be judged or to please or displease us. Art is ex-pressed so us as viewers can have an experience. If one is aware enough to digest that experience, then good for them. Artwork also finds its own life once the creative process stops, it ages as it influences us.

So let us say hello to these new artists and open ourselves up to be influenced by their artwork. Let us see how their work will age with us and how will we grow with them. Let us let the art do its thing.

Much Love & Blessings