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Last week’s Monterey Weekly said it like it is. They recommend voting for the appointed incumbents because they are against the SCPD. 

The email below, from a Sand City resident that I don’t know and have never met, in effect describes what the Sand City Community is all about. I am honored to be this person’s choice for City Council.

“I was not able to attend that event …. and I will be honest …. the fact that you are endorsed by democrats, under normal circumstances , would not help your cause with me….. However….. I recognize what is at stake here in Sand City. Be assured you and Don will have my vote. I can not vote for an incumbent that was “appointed” to begin with. The whole discussion of defunding our Police some time ago left a very sour taste in my mouth and I have not forgotten….. Someone potentially passing laws and policies for the residents of this city and then not having to live under those laws and policies does not sit well with me at all…… You will have my vote , you and Don both ….. don’t let anything happen to our Police.”