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The main difference between Fine Art and Commercial Art is in the realm of existence in which they are created. Commercial Art is mainly conceived and produced in the physical realm of existence for validation of that realm. Fine Art seems to be predominantly conceived and created on the astral realm of existence for validation of that realm. Fine Art uses the power of the artist to access the finer realms of existence and create images which cause our physical bodies to feel as if we were there ourselves. Fine Art is the messenger, and is expressed through many different mediums, but it is always a conduit to our soul.

Once you release the unconscious energy surrounding you and deliberately say hello to Hanif’s Honeybee, it will call you over and it will say: “You are Here.” It is a fearless bee and it is a gentle bee, because it was created in the realm of images not in the realm of thoughts, in the realm of love not in the realm of fear.

Hanif, now 38, learned how to enter and navigate the realm of images, the realm of pure creation, watching his mother paint when he was a little kid. That is how he feels at home from realism to super-realism to surrealism as he navigates and discovers new horizons and bring us images from spaces not many of us can access. 

Hanif’s Honeybee is Fine Art and that is why it belongs in Sand City, The City of Arts. His work and presence enriches the Sand City’s Artistic Community. Let us hope that we will see more of his work in the future.