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To quote Ara, a great neighbor I recently met, “Common sense is not that common.” I was thinking of him and what he said, when I got a copy of the  proposed budget for the Art Committee’s Mural Festival. North of $82,000. Don’t take my word for it, ask them yourself.

Despite the very noticeable absence of the majority of the Sand City artists, if we look at the whole project as something great, because it will bring lots of people and hopefully new people to Sand City, awesome says everyone. What are they going to see when they get here? I worked in the hospitality industry for many years, and common sense in hospitality asks for fixing everything and making it look good before the guests arrive.

Just like Sand City a little hidden and out of site, one of the most popular locations in our little town is where Tioga street dead ends into the Pacific Ocean. Folks come from everywhere to enjoy one of the best views Monterey Bay has to offer. But what do the visitors see once they get there? I am certain as a Sand City Resident I do not have to answer that question for you. It is embarrassing. 

I don’t know how much it costs to fix the Vista Point at the end of Tioga or where we and our visitors park to buy a truly French croissant in Sand City. But I intend to find out and do my best to push it to the top of the administration’s agenda, if elected. 

Seriously, $82,000 and one Sand City Artist? Ara is right, common sense is not that common. 

Please Vote.