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The incumbents got their wish and get to go back to their seats at the City Council. Interesting how roughly the same number of people who voted for them also voted against the Measure U. So the message was; you can have the job but you don’t get to keep wasting taxpayers money.

Voters who voted against the Measure U see the currant Council as the most money wasting Council they can remember. “If they have money problems it is because they have created it, we should not increase taxes to pay for that.” One voter expressed to me.

So as I promised when I started this blog, I am going to follow the Council’s activity and areas they have been spending money, and I will write about it here for everyone to be informed and involved. I am also working on reporting to the Sand City Residents about our PD and the lies that have been spread against them through biased fabricated reports. 

It is certain that with the economic picture changing we must be aware of and in agreement with every decision made, because the community’s involvement means a better Sand City.