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A friend says I told you so. An enemy says I was going to tell you.
        — Persian Proverb.


During these times of pandemic and several wildfires that are profoundly affecting everyone around us, our administration is hard at work spending thousands of dollars on putting up a mural festival directed by someone from a different time zone and involving only one Sand City Artist.

I am certain that the administration is acting in good faith and that their friend from Colorado is a very talented commercial artist. No one is questioning that, but what about Sand City, its Artists and Businesses?

I am forwarding, for all of you to see, a very sensible email I was copied on from Mr. Dan Albro. I am sending you all this email because it makes sense. Dan Albro is your friend. He is going to say, I told you so.

Begin Forward Message:

Hi Aaron,

My name is Dan Albro.  I live in Sand City and have been a resident for 14 years.

I am fairly active in my community through various activities, picking up trash and having a garden plot in the community garden.

One of the things I love about Sand City is how we have a group of diverse artists. Photographers, sculptors, painters etc.  

I am disappointed to learn that there is only 1 Sand City artist who entered a proposal for the mural event.  I feel there was not a very aggressive advertisement campaign for this event.  Putting a curled flier on the bulletin board by Post No Bills is not enough to get the word out about this event.  

It would be great to actively recruit Sand City artists for this event.  Some of us in the community are connected to these artists. And we would be happy to get the word out. I propose putting this event on hold until the spring.  That would give us plenty of time to gauge interest from the community.

Thank you for your time.


Dan Albro 

Dan received a super long email in response. Everyone has seen that email. Not necessary to send again. Hard to drown facts in words.