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French Language & Civilization, Sorbonne University.
Ecole Supérieur d’Études Cinematographique.
San Francisco Art Institute.

3 years war reporter/documentarian.
34 years of people management in corporate and small business operations.
Food & Beverage Manager Hyatt Regency, San Francisco.
Owner/Operator Cafe Select, Kensington CA.
Senior General Manager & Managing Partner, Brinker International.
Best selling author and 22 years spiritual student, learning from other students.
Photographer and Cinematographer at heart since the first day I looked though a lens.

Who Am I
3 years ago, I retired from my long management career, and love my life in Sand City, cherish my connections to its citizenry and always work on giving back to this community that gives me so much every day.

A naturalized United States Citizen since 1991, I am in love with Sand City’s energy and character. I am in love with its wealth of working artists and have been working on bringing them together to create even more artwork.

4 years ago I organized the first time ever collective art show in Sand City. 25 artists participated in that historic show.

I invited those artists to come together in a nonprofit organization that dedicates itself to the growth of the Sand City Artistic Community. Sand City Art Foundation sponsored the Sand City  Community Garden beehives by Krimp Fuentes and The Trees Of Sand City by Eleen Auvil.

I created a flyer in support of SCPD, when I saw that our police department  was being taken for granted by some people in the City Government. I printed ten. Put two in my windows and gave the rest away. I did not print or pay for the dozens of those flyers that popped up in everyone’s windows.

What I Would Like To Do
I would like to continue helping promote Sand City Artists as much and as often as I can and work towards my goal of, one day, creating a drive through museum curated by Sand City Artists work. I would like to get the City Administration to get out of policing-the-art business and support artists outside of the government framework.

I would like to work with other Council Members and the City Administration to improve the working conditions at the City Offices. The feeling of these offices was once described to me by a City Employee as: “Feels like a dungeon.” That is not healthy. To have a healthy city we need healthy city employees and that asks for a healthy work environment. I would like to change that.

I would like to work with the SCPD to help them bring their staffing, policies and budget into present time and aligned with the raising needs of the city as it expands and increases in population and businesses. 

I would like to work with the Public Works Department and find a way of fixing part of the city structure that needs repair and maintenance. I believe, if Elena, John Fisk and Frank Christy generate tax revenue for the city, we cannot tell them, their stores are in Seaside. And that is not the only location that needs money.

I would like to work with the City Clerck and Manager to stream line the process the businesses go through when they deal with the city. Let us help businesses spend their time taking care of their customers rather than pushing paper for the city. 

My name is Kayhan and I am running for City Council of Sand City this November