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Love Sand City

Hello, Welcome to LoveSandCity. My name is Kayhan and I created this site because I love Sand City.  I would like to keep everyone, who is interested, informed of what is going on at the City Administration and City Council. Most of these things are made to sound boring, but decisions are made everyday based on those “boring things” that affects our City’s character at its very core.

So this is a space where I can paint an accurate picture of what is going on at the City Government level by reading the minutes of the meetings, asking questions and writing everything down for all to see.

I invite all Sand City residents, proprietors, businesses and artists to please participate by subscribing and commenting with your observations.

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How Did This All Start?

It would be unrealistic to believe that Sand City’s Mural Festival has anything to do with City’s history, heritage or culture. At first when I saw the small mural of the cat, like most people, I had no idea it was painted by someone who was flown in from Colorado. In...

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Fine Art and Commercial Art

The main difference between Fine Art and Commercial Art is in the realm of existence in which they are created. Commercial Art is mainly conceived and produced in the physical realm of existence for validation of that realm.

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As Promised

The incumbents got their wish and get to go back to their seats at the City Council. Interesting how roughly the same number of people who voted for them also voted against the Measure U. So the message was; you can have the job but you don’t get to keep wasting...

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The Irony

If you read the minutes of the meetings in 2019 and early 2020 when the Sand City Art Committee was discussing and deciding to spend a substantial amount of money on a mural festival, there was no talk of “let us see what the community has to say about it.” There was...

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What is the Message?

Putting Hanif’s Honey Bee aside because it is in a class of its own, someone please help me understand the “things” that all these murals are supposed to be saying. When I read the literature provided on the City’s website, it says clearly that they were looking for...

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I am honored to be a choice for City Council

Last week's Monterey Weekly said it like it is. They recommend voting for the appointed incumbents because they are against the SCPD.  The email below, from a Sand City resident that I don't know and have never met, in effect describes what the Sand City Community is...

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Meet the Candidates

Despite some neighbors astonishment and expressions of concern about the partisan set up and very controlled and limited questions, I believe, the Meet The Candidates, was a great event and gave everyone a limited but clear image of what different candidates were all about.

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Let Us Say Hello to These New Artists

Regardless of how it came to be, and the short comings in planning and management that illustrates a total void in the communication space between the Artists and the City’s Art Committee, the Mural Festival-as it’s called- is leaving us here in Sand City with a few enormous pieces of art. Some say, commercial art, maybe yes, but nevertheless artwork.

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About Kayhan Ghodsi

I have lived all over the world and I choose to call Sand City my home. It is a special place, an oasis, a real community. That is why I believe we, the people of Sand City, deserve a City Council that will preserve and protect all that we have. I believe in commerce and creativity. I have supervised businesses with over a hundred employees and millions in annual revenue. I know how to balance a budget and use common sense to identify and resolve the problems that arise within large organizations. I also know that Sand City should continue to promote the arts. I studied film in Paris and San Francisco. I created the 2016 “Portrait of an Artist” exhibit, bringing more than two dozen Sand City artists together for the first time ever. I fostered the creation of a striking new mural at Hickory & Ortiz by one of Sand City’s own prominent painters. And there is so much more that can be done. Yet I also know that security is precious to us all and – unlike some current members of the City Council – I believe we cannot abandon our dedicated police officers. They are an essential part of our community. Sand City prospers because it is protected. That is why I have actively mobilized support for our police force. I am Kayhan Ghodsi and I am proud to call Sand City my home.

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